Frequently Asked Question

Nilai Popular Sdn Bhd Bank Account Information

Bank Name: Public Bank
Account Holder: Nilai Popular Sdn. Bhd.
Account No.: 3125802533
Deposit Amount: RM 1,565.00 per Auction Token, RM 6,000.00 Per High Bid Auction Token Must Bank In Cash 

Please refer to the table below for how much Auction Token or High Bid Auction Token you need to purchase for the bidding.

Car Reserve Price Auction Token High Bid Auction Token
Below RM 100,000.00 1  
RM 100,000.00 until RM 199,999.99   1
RM 200,000.00 until RM 299,999.99   2
RM 300,000.00 until RM 399,999.99   3
RM 400,000.00 until RM 499,999.99   4
Above RM 500,000.00   5


For Affin Bank vehicle can not use online bidding.Just for site bidding.